Save the dates!

SARscene 2021 will held in Saskatoon, SK,September 24-26, 2021.

SARSAV is excited to welcome Search and Rescue responders from all SAR agencies and disciplines (air, marine and ground) from across Canada and to join us in celebrating SARSAV’s 25th anniversary.

This will be the first ever SARscene in Saskatchewan and has been made possible by the SAR NIF Program through Public Safety Canada and the National Search and Rescue Secretariat.

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SARscène aura lieu à Saskatoon, en Saskatchewan, du 24 au 26 septembre 2021.

La SARSAV est heureuse d’accueillir tous les intervenants en recherche et sauvetage de tous les organismes et de toutes les disciplines (R&S aérienne, maritime et terrestre) de partout au Canada pour célébrer le 25e anniversaire de la SARSAV.

Ce sera la toute première SARscène en Saskatchewan et a été rendue possible par le SAR de Sécurité publique Canada Programme du FNI et programme du Secrétariat national Recherche et sauvetage (SNRS)

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In Memory of Pete Garvey

Today marks a bittersweet anniversary in the SARSAV world.

3 years ago, S/Sgt Pete Garvey passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.

He was a pillar in Saskatchewan Search and Rescue and supported SARSAV whole heartedly.

After his passing, his sisters wrote a book titled “Life Lessons from a Red Serge” and donate the proceeds from the book to SARSAV to continue our mission.

To date, over $10,000 dollars has been donated to SARSAV from the sale of this book.

Thank you to all of you who purchased this book!

To get a copy of the book – Life Lessons from a Red Serge, please visit

Book – Life Lessons From a Red Serge

S/ SGT Pete Garvey
Book Front Cover
Back Cover


When you donate to SARSAV

Your Donation to Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers (SARSAV) allows us to support our 400+ members and their 20 teams across Saskatchewan

Your donations helps us with COVID-19 related costs.

Sustains meeting costs and administration for the Association.

Radio equipment insurance, training costs – supplies, instructors, instructor mileage & manuals.

Helps us buy new equipment, maintain equipment owned by SARSAV. Covers shipping costs, new chapter development & assistance, operating costs and more

It allows us to do more to find the lost and missing!   

Search And Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers (SARSAV) is the provincial organization responsible for professional volunteer Ground SAR in Saskatchewan.

SARSAV is comprised of 20 member chapters and over 415 individuals.

Our members volunteer their time for training, search missions, preventative information and public awareness.

SARSAV is tasked on search missions, disaster and other emergency response by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (RCMP, Municipal Police, Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency).

SARSAV provides support, training, oversight, funding, representation and coordination for all member chapters.

Our 5-Year Strategic Plan is available at https://sarsav.ca under the files tab.

Each individual member of a SAR chapter is a member of SARSAV and of member of the national Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada – SARVAC

SARSAV is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency and is incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in Saskatchewan.

All donations received will be spent as per vote of SARSAV’s board and executive in accordance to our activities below. 

Donations are gifts and as such can not be designated to a specific beneficiary unless they are a “qualified donee”

As per CRA rules – If you control where a gift goes it is no longer a gift by law and we can not issue a tax deductible receipt.

If you have wishes regarding how you would like to see gifted funds spent, you can express those, but we may not be able to honour your wishes and give you a tax deductible receipt. We can still use the donation.

If SARSAV has a specific campaign or fund set up for example. A Campaign or fundraiser for Training, or specific equipment – your donation can specify that and will be used toward it.

To discuss donations contact us directly.

Spending of funds gifted to SARSAV must be on our approved activities below, after our board and executive’s vote and in compliance with the CRA legislation and our Policies and Procedures. 

Our activities are as follows:

a) To benefit the public by conducting search and rescue missions and responding to emergency or disaster situations; 

b) To establish and maintain an equipment inventory to provide search, rescue, and support services during search and rescue missions and emergency or disaster situations;

c) To provide search and rescue training to volunteers in a manner consistent with the Canadian Standards Association;

d) To advance education by providing displays at public events, and preventative search and rescue presentations;

e) To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.

Donate at canadahelps.org



Help us WIN $20,000 during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

Every $1* donated in June gives us a chance to WIN!

Donate to Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers this June through Canadahelps.org and automatically give us a chance to WIN $20,000 during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

Click the link below ….. Your donation helps us bring the lost and missing home!


Good News

Saskatchewan hosting – SARscene 2021!

SARSAV is beginning a 2 year plan to host a National SAR event – #SARscene 2021 in Saskatchewan. 

SARscene will bring together Search and Rescue responders from all SAR agencies and disciplines: air, marine, and ground.

This will be the first ever SARscene in Saskatchewan and has been made possible by the SAR NIF Program through Public Safety Canada and the National Search and Rescue Secretariat.

SARSAV est heureux d’annoncer que nous commençons notre plan d’accueillir un événement SAR national dans deux ans – #SARSCENE 2021. 

SARscène réunira des sauveteurs en recherche et sauvetage de toutes les agences et disciplines SAR: aériennes, marines et terrestres.

Ce sera la toute première SARscene en Saskatchewan et a été rendue possible par le SAR de Sécurité publique Canada Programme du FNI et programme du Secrétariat national Recherche et sauvetage (SNRS)

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Good News

SARSAV chapter’s receive Hand Sanitizer from #LBdistillers

SARSAV’s professional volunteers provide front line Search and Rescue emergency services during this pandemic and remain available 24/7/365.

In support of our Front Line responders @LuckyBastard Distillery has provided a case of hand sanitizer to each of our chapters.

Thank you for supporting Search and Rescue! #SupportingSAR during #Covid19 #LBdisitillery


Photo Credit: @Kevin Ferrie – SARSAV director

Kevin Ferrie -SARSAV Fundraising Director Holding a case of LBDistillers Hand Sanitizer helping our Responders during Covid19. Thank you!!

Register for SARSAV’s Data Management and SAR Resource Tracking MJSE #2

Prince Albert, SK
October 25th-26th-27th, 2019

This exercise is open to active members of SARSAV chapters who have reached a minimum of Searcher certification, CASARA ground and flight teams, employees of Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA), local / regional fire services, RCMP and other agencies by invite only.

To facilitate efficient team management, and ensure admittion please pre-register by submitting a complete individual registration online at:

Register at this link

Registration Deadline October 1st.


SARSAV Signs MOU with Municipal Police!!

On April 30th Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with Municipal Police Services during the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police – Spring Meeting.

This was an exciting and historic day for Municipal Police and SARSAV!!

SARSAV has worked closely with our Police agencies for over 23 years and we will continue to provide a resource of Professional SAR Volunteers to all of our Agencies Having Jurisdiction.

We are thankful for the work that our Police Services do in all missing person’s cases and are glad to sign a MOU that defines roles and responsibilities and is an agreement on how our agencies work together.

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Photo Credit: Greg Nikkel, Editor – Weyburn Review

Left to Right:

1. Chief Ken Aube, Investigations and Enforcement, Ministry of Environment
2. Ian McNeil, SARSAV Vice President/Member of La Loche SAR
3. Chief Jonathan Bergen, Prince Albert Police Service
4.Deputy Chief Murray Cowan, Estevan Police Service
5. Ané Roodt, SARSAV Treasurer/Member of Parkland SAR
6. Bobbi-Jean Buchanan, President of SARSAV
7. Chief Marlo Pritchard, Weyburn Police Service
8. Chief Richard Bourassa, Moose Jaw Police Service
9. Chief Jason Mochoruk, Luseland Police Service
10. Chief Warren Gherasim, Corman Park Police Service
11. Chief Evan Bray, Regina Police Service

Signer’s absent from photo:

Dalmeny Police Service

Wilton Police Service

File Hills Police Service