When you donate to SARSAV

Your Donation to Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers (SARSAV) allows us to support our 400+ members and their 20 teams across Saskatchewan

Your donations helps us with COVID-19 related costs.

Sustains meeting costs and administration for the Association.

Radio equipment insurance, training costs – supplies, instructors, instructor mileage & manuals.

Helps us buy new equipment, maintain equipment owned by SARSAV. Covers shipping costs, new chapter development & assistance, operating costs and more

It allows us to do more to find the lost and missing!   

Search And Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers (SARSAV) is the provincial organization responsible for professional volunteer Ground SAR in Saskatchewan.

SARSAV is comprised of 20 member chapters and over 415 individuals.

Our members volunteer their time for training, search missions, preventative information and public awareness.

SARSAV is tasked on search missions, disaster and other emergency response by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (RCMP, Municipal Police, Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency).

SARSAV provides support, training, oversight, funding, representation and coordination for all member chapters.

Our 5-Year Strategic Plan is available at https://sarsav.ca under the files tab.

Each individual member of a SAR chapter is a member of SARSAV and of member of the national Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada – SARVAC

SARSAV is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency and is incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in Saskatchewan.

All donations received will be spent as per vote of SARSAV’s board and executive in accordance to our activities below. 

Donations are gifts and as such can not be designated to a specific beneficiary unless they are a “qualified donee”

As per CRA rules – If you control where a gift goes it is no longer a gift by law and we can not issue a tax deductible receipt.

If you have wishes regarding how you would like to see gifted funds spent, you can express those, but we may not be able to honour your wishes and give you a tax deductible receipt. We can still use the donation.

If SARSAV has a specific campaign or fund set up for example. A Campaign or fundraiser for Training, or specific equipment – your donation can specify that and will be used toward it.

To discuss donations contact us directly.

Spending of funds gifted to SARSAV must be on our approved activities below, after our board and executive’s vote and in compliance with the CRA legislation and our Policies and Procedures. 

Our activities are as follows:

a) To benefit the public by conducting search and rescue missions and responding to emergency or disaster situations; 

b) To establish and maintain an equipment inventory to provide search, rescue, and support services during search and rescue missions and emergency or disaster situations;

c) To provide search and rescue training to volunteers in a manner consistent with the Canadian Standards Association;

d) To advance education by providing displays at public events, and preventative search and rescue presentations;

e) To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.

Donate at canadahelps.org


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